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spam® Stew and the malm Minamilist Bedroom Set from ikea®

o this story tells about the time the old lady’s sx̣ay̓wih came home for spam® stew, his favourite meal. Pretty good trick for a dead guy. You might not think a stew made of spam® worth pulling your dead bones from your grave, through town and up that mud-slick two-mile trail to the house, but you haven’t tried the old lady’s spam® stew. The old lady never measured ingredients when she cooked.

“Ach! Maybe I could write it down. But I couldn’t read it.”

“But, Mum. I could read it. We don’t want your recipes to die with you.””

“Have I up and died on you?”

“You know what I mean.”

Now the old lady chooses to drop the whole thing. Her daughter Violet got back from treatment a week ago. Violet stays with her mother. She doesn’t leave the house for anything: “O, Mum. Cos everything’s a trigger.”

The old lady’s question: “So whose finger’s on it?”