I started out as a layout artist, reporter, and part of the editorial collective for my college newspaper. Afterwards, I freelanced as a newsletter designer, writer, editor for a number of organizations, picking up brochure work when I could. And then I was introduced to Compuserve in 1994. I saw this as the future of graphic design, specifically my future as a graphic designer. I learnt as much as I could about this new medium. And then I started teaching myself web design in 1996.

Until recently, I’ve spent most of my awake and sleeping free hours fretting and planning lessons for my graphic design students. Teaching 20–40 contiguous hours per week, as well as preparing lessons is hard on the soul. I do not recommend it to anyone.

For the past year I’d had no curriculum. It was a brand new program and I had to write it as I was teaching. I survived. I think I came close to a psychotic break, but there was no harm done, aside from the fact that I no longer love my job, and have been working toward freelancing full-time.

Got work (book and cover design, website design, ebook design, posters)? Please drop me a line.

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