G.A. Grisenthwaite

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Home Waltz

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  • Home Waltz cover, design by Dawn Kresan
  • In Squito Bob, Gordon Grisenthwaite has given us a latter-day Holden Caufield, fighting hormones, toxic friendships, and the general stupidity of others in the fleeting hope of his own brief shot at transcendence. Home Waltz is a tour de force, full of compassion and insight and humour and utterly unflinching in its look at the hard truths of life on the res.Nino Ricci, two time recipient of the Governor General's Award for Fiction.

Home Waltz Stories

Image: Home Waltz on display at Biblioasis

Biblioasis bookstore manager Tina posing with a display of my novel Home Waltz. (Image ©: Biblioasis. Used with permission.)

Some Stories

Aside from ”How Mosquito Got His Name,” the stories featured here are from Gord’s thesis project Tales for Late Night Bonfires. And three have won prizes in recent contests: ”Roadkill” and ”ball lightnin” each earned second prize in contests sponsored by The Antigonish Review and appear in issue 199 (Sheldon Currie Short Story Contest and The Blue Heron Poetry Prize). ”Three Bucks” won the FreeFall Magazine short fiction contest and will appear in a forthcoming issue. ”Spam® Stew and the MALM Minimalist Bedroom Set from IKEA®” will appear in Exile Edition’s anthology The Food of My People.

”How Mosquito Got His Name,” published in Exile 43.1 and Bawaajigan: Stories of Power (Exile Editions 2020) was a finalist for the 2020 National Magazine Award for short fiction. An earlier version of the story earned third prize in the 2006 Okanagan Short Fiction Contest.

  • Three Bucks

  • SPAM® Stew and the MALM Minimalist Bedroom Set from IKEA®

  • Roadkill

  • ball lightnin

  • How Mosquito Got His Name

    How Mosquito Got His NameA finalist for the 2020 National Magazine Award for fiction and an earlier version of the story earned third prize in the Okanagan Short Story contest. It also appears in Bawaajigan: Stories of Power.

  • Some Photos

  • Hoop Dancer
  • Law tractor pull
  • two chimps
  • Barrenjoey Head Park
  • Niagara Files
  • Gorilla queen


Gord is Nłeɂkepmx, a member of the Lytton First Nation, and has earned an MA in English Literature & Creative Writing from the University of Windsor (2020).

He isn’t the oldest emerging writer in the world, but he’s up there.

“To be clear,” Gord stresses, “I had planned to start writing decades ago. In fact, I started to write in my early 20s but I had a ton of stuff to deal with, none of it good.”

His work has appeared in The Anitgonish Review, Our Stories Literary Journal, Prism International, ndncountry, Offset 17, Exile Quarterly, and Bawaajigan: Stories of Power. His work has earned a number of prizes, including the 2014 John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award. His first novel Home Waltz, is scheduled for a fall 2020 release.