Gord Grisenthwaite

Writer Photographer

Thunderhead over the Blue Mountains (Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia)


IMAGE: Salmon Song cover image

Third, 2015 The Antigonish Review Sheldon Currie Short Fiction Contest.
Finalist, 2015 The Masters Review Short Story contest.

“Salmon Song” will appear in the Fall, 2015 issue of The Anigonish Review.

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IMAGE: cover for “The Fine Art of Frying Eggs”

Winner, 2013 John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award.

I am afraid all this piss is the product of reverse leaching. Soon I will be a shrivelled mass of illuvium, a statue of mostly salt. When that happens, put me in the backyard, safe from the wind, and let the cliff swallows build their burrows in what’s left of me. That is probably my life’s purpose.

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IMAGE: thumbnail link to T.H.E. King

Second Place, 2010 Okanagan Short Story Contest.

All of the windows were closed and curtained, except the one in the mud room. Its glass had been replaced by a chunk of black-painted plywood, with … a tiny ramp switchbacking to the sidewalk. He said it was so his cats … could get in and out when he was at work.

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IMAGE: thumbnail link to Under Alien Sun

Published in Touch the Flame: Stories from the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire, 2004.

We mounted our bikes and headed toward Highway 33. Traffic flowed steadily in all four directions. Riding our bikes along Highway 33 was like riding in a WWII movie; the exodus prior to German occupation. All that was missing was the scream of air raid sirens.

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